Serving up traditional American BBQ may not be our fortey but we know how to cook our own traditional Yoruba BBQ for Nashville. Our way of cooking meat and serving families has been passed down for millenia. We use open flame to seal in all the juices for a very short amount of time and then move all of our BBQ meats into a traditional smoker for a day to slow cook and get infused with some of the most delicious smoke flavor you've ever had. We have many secrets that go into making ours the best BBQ Nashville Tennessee has to offer. Some of those secrets worth finding out include our selection of woods for each stage the meat is in. Depending on the stage the meat is in in the preperation phase will depend on the type of wood we use in creating the heating source. The next is our selection of traditional Yoruba spices to kick things up. We use a dozen or two different spices depending on the type of meat we are preparing and the time of year it is. The only way to know what we at J Babys are preparing for that day is to show, so we hope to see you soon at our top rated Nashville restaurant. We love seeing the joy on a families face as they dive into the giant portions we serve to them. We look forward to seeing you in Nashville soon.

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